Douala WordCamp 2017! Why should I attend?

Douala WordCamp 2017! Why should I attend?

What is Douala WordCamp 2017?

Douala WordCamp 2017 is a one-day conference that will be held on 15th of April in city of Douala at ActivSpaces, beside Immeuble SOCAR. Douala WordCamp will be a casual conference covering everything related to WordPress, the free and open source publishing software that powers more than 27% of the internet.By the end of the one-day event, the organizers hope to have built a stronger community of WordPress users in Douala and in Cameroon and by the same means intrust in participant the basics of WordPress, how to get started and how to grow a business with WordPress. The event will be recorded live and the video broadcasted on

Who should attend?

You. Me. Everyone can attend.

This conference will bring together 200 people who: Use WordPress, Design WordPress, Develop WordPress, Blog on WordPress, Like WordPress, Have a business website on WordPress or Want to learn WordPress.

How can I attend?

To attend the WordCamp, you simply have to register for it. Secure your ticket here. And tickets are FREE! You just have to register to have access to the sessions, Breakfast, Lunch, Networking Session, Take-aways. All for free. Last I checked, 39 out of 200 tickets were left, so get your ticket here.

What would I gain?

This the maiden edition of WordCamp Douala also happens to be the first WordCamp in Cameroon and in central Africa. Other than networking with diverse-set of attendees, which includes bloggers, developers, enterprises, entrepreneurs, executives, service providers, and even users who are getting started with the WordPress framework, you also gain technical information from the sessions.

Sessions will be 40 minutes long with 20 minutes of Q&A. There would be talks related to the following topics:

    • WordPress Basics
    • Blogging and Content Creation
    • Themes and Front End Development (HTML/CSS/JS, etc…)
    • Mobile World WordPress
    • Mobile Money and Woo-commerce Integration
    • Design and User Experience
    • Back end Development, Frameworks, Workflow, etc…
    • Marketing and Branding
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media Marketing and WordPress
    • Running a WordPress Based Business.

Save the date and see you at the WordCamp on the 15th of April.


13 Opportunities  of Entrepreneurship you MUST Know 

13 Opportunities  of Entrepreneurship you MUST Know 

Welcome to planet entrepreneurship! A world of its own wherein people live the dreams of owning and operating their own business and solving some of society’s most vexing problems. 

Worldwide, one in eight adults is actively engaged in launching a business. Controlling their destinies by building their own businesses.

An inhabitant of planet entrepreneurship is known as an entrepreneur.

 An entrepreneur is one who creates a new business in the scaring face of risk and uncertainty for the purpose of achieving profit and growth by identifying significant opportunities and assembling the necessary resources to capitalize on them.

 They are more than just business starters but agents of change in our societies. Entrepreneurs see potential where most people see only problems or nothing at all. There are four distinct classes of entrepreneurs;

  • Opportunity Entrepreneurs; those who start businesses because of an opportunity in the market place.
  • Necessity Entrepreneurs; those who start businesses because they cannot find work by any other way.
  • Serial entrepreneurs; those who repeatedly start businesses and grow them to a sustainable size before striking out again.
  • Social Entrepreneurs; those who start businesses so that they can create innovative solutions to society’s most vexing problems.

And the top three qualities of all entrepreneurs in order of importance are:

  • Vison 
  • Passion
  • Drive

The good news is you are not born into planet entrepreneurship; you work your way into it. 

Anyone can be an entrepreneur; it is not a mystery but a practical discipline; it is a skill that most people can learn. 

The planet seems as glorious as El Dorado and it offers a lot of opportunities. Anyone planning on embarking on the trip through entrepreneurship should have knowledge about all of these opportunities. So brace up as we walk through these opportunities:

  1. Opportunity to create your own destiny; entrepreneurship provides entrepreneurs the independence and the opportunity to achieve what is important to them. Entrepreneurs love to “call the shots” in their lives and they use their businesses to make that desire a reality.
  2. Opportunity to make a difference especially in causes that are important to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship provides an opportunity not only for the application of skills to create business ventures but also to achieve social and environmental goals for society as a whole.
  3. Opportunity to reach your full potential; entrepreneurial businesses are instruments for self-expression and self-actualization. The only boundaries in entrepreneurship are those imposed by the creativity, enthusiasm and vison of the entrepreneurs. It renders a sense of empowerment.
  4. Opportunity to reap impressive profits; the profits entrepreneurial businesses earn are an important motivating factor in the decision to launch a company. Entrepreneurs are free to create value by making use of their experiences, skills and ideas and as a result, reap the financial benefits of their creative efforts.
  5. Opportunity to contribute to society and be recognized for your efforts; entrepreneurs play a vital role in their business systems knowing their work has significant impact on the nation’s economy. They are among the most respected and most trusted members of their communities.
  6. Opportunity to have fun doing what you love; most successful entrepreneurs choose to enter the particular business fields they are in because they have an interest in them and the enjoy them. They have made their avocations (hobbies) their vocations (work) and are glad they did!
  7. Opportunity to operate with uncertainty of income; there is no guarantee the entrepreneur will earn enough money to survive. At some points, the business cannot provide generate enough finances to meet up all financial obligations.
  8. Opportunity to loose entire investment; business failure can lead to financial ruin for an entrepreneur and the arte of financial ruin among small businesses is relatively high.
  9. Opportunity to work hard and for long hours; entrepreneurial business start-ups usually demand long hours and hard work from the entrepreneurs. The demands of entrepreneurship make achieving a work-life-balance difficult for entrepreneurs.
  10. Opportunity to live a lower standard of life until the business gets established; the blood, sweat and tears invested in starting up a business can negatively affect the entrepreneur’s life. Family and relationships are sacrifice on the altar of visions.
  11. Opportunity to experience high levels of stress; failure or even the fear of failure of the business can create intense levels of stress and anxiety. Paying debts and growing the business are very good at generating stress.
  12. Opportunity to take complete responsibility; entrepreneurs are faced with making decisions about which they are not knowledgeable and in the absence of advisors, the pressure builds up pretty well.
  13. Opportunity to encounter maximum discouragement; being an entrepreneur subjects you to being ridiculed at for your “weird ideas”. Entrepreneurs require a great measure of dedication, discipline and tenacity for they would encounter difficulties, discouragements and disillusions among others.

Reference: Essentials of entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, 8/E
From above, it is but obvious that entrepreneurship is the planet of opportunities and your success greatly depends on your attitude towards these opportunities. With all the opportunities and factors boosting entrepreneurship, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be part of the trip to and through planet entrepreneurship.

Stay tuned for the next post which would be looking into how entrepreneurs and aspirants can face their greatest business fear which is the fear of becoming another failure statistic. And don’t forget to share this post with your network, for sharing is caring. 

Grab the basics of entrepreneurship and personal development from the upcoming blockbuster thriller of a book. Keep the anticipation high for the release of Ajebo on September 11th  by your very own Momo Bertrand.

Keys to Success in 3-D

keys to succes

Every one of us hungry for success and happiness has a vision or a dream which we are trying to achieve or make a reality and that’s an advantage to us.

The worst thing which could happen to any human being worth the salt is for that person to have sight and lack vision, for a person who lacks vision is just playing games with his/her life.

Your vision is your motivation, your vision is your why, and it is the basis of your success.

How then can we achieve success or transform our vision into reality? It is by the observation and implementation of the 3-D’s of successful living which are;

  • Diplomacy
  • Decisions
  • Discipline

Diplomacy: successful transformation of our dreams into reality does not only involve knowing where we are going but also how to effectively work with people.

No man is an island and one cannot rise to the peak success without the aid of others.

We all need people in our lives for one reason or another and to effectively associate with people to get our aims, we need to gain their LOYALTY. We cannot buy loyalty for it is priceless and it is earned by those we are deemed worthy. The simplest way to gain and retain the loyalty of the people around you is to show genuine care and concern for them in every word you say and in everything you do. This can be achieved by;

  1. Recognize and appreciate their efforts. Everyone needs encouragement and people survive and thrive on the appreciation you show them, for praise and recognition are very powerful motivators.
  2. Helping others to succeed in achieving their own goals by any means necessary. It is what it is, you get what you give.
  3. Keep to your words and don’t break a promise. Do what you say you are going to do for a broken promise ploughs back broken trust and zero loyalty.
  4. Be patient with people, do not give up on people for everyone deserves not a second chance, but everyone deserves another chance. It is for that reason the word FORGIVE exists.

Decisions: the major components of a building are the foundation and the building blocks (walls). The major components of successful living are your visions as our foundation and our decisions are the building blocks. We are the products of our decisions which are a critical part of our lives. Even when no decision is made, a decision was made not to make a decision.

The decisions we make determine the fate of our success and to be successful, we need to be people of action. Efficient people of action have mastered the art of decision-making and here is a guide to the mastery of decision making;

  1. Seek advice from someone with more experience than you in the field in which you face crisis.
  2. Rely on facts and not on assumption, for once the facts are clear the decision is but obvious.
  3. Think beyond the present and consider the consequences of your decisions.
  4. Be diplomatic and involve the people you are working with as they would enthusiastically engage in executing a decision they were part of the making process.
  5. Never make decisions when you are sick, tired and when you are travelling. For at these moments you are not in a good position to make high quality decisions.

Discipline: the binding material of all known and unknown principles of success is discipline. It is a basic set of tools required to solve life’s problems. Without discipline, we can solve nothing, with some discipline we can solve some problems and with total discipline we can solve all problems. One of the greatest failure of my generation has been the underestimation of the importance of discipline. People don’t even have enough discipline to wake up and get out of bed in the morning or even take care of their health.

Nothing worthwhile can be achieved in the absence of discipline.

Nothing in the world can substitute discipline. talent would not for nothing is more common in our present society than unsuccessful people with talent. Geniuses would not, unrewarded geniuses are almost a cliché. Education would not, education is being deserted in the world right now. Discipline alone in the form of persistence and determination is important.

It all starts with a dream, then a goal. But the thing which turns the dream into reality and the vision into substance is the discipline of unwavering determination.

On the path to success there are two types of pains which we must all endure, the pain of regret and the pain of discipline. Since we are in a free world, we are always free to choose. So what pain are you willing to endure?

What are your own D’s to be observed to achieve success? Share with us in the comment boxes below


Can a Drunken Generation of Youths Contribute to the Development a Nation?


Cameroon being a young nation is seeking development and growth, and it is said that the youths are the future of the nation.This implies that the future of the nation depends on the energy of the youths and on the wisdom of the old. But we are face with a supposed sad phenomenon in that we have a drunken and lousy generation of youths, commonly known as the “Android Generation”. Worth noting is that Cameroon is ranked high in the global classification of alcohol consuming nations. With such a generation, the development of the nation seems farfetched. So the question here is this; Can a drunken and lousy generation of youths drive the development and growth of the nation up the charts?


Leggo. Normally, the youths were never conceived and they were never born drunk. Circumstances which may or may not be within their control should have influenced this generation going bananas nad astray all thanks to alcohol. One of these circumstances triggering this could be the social life of the youths, which is centered on bottles, sex and drugs. Such a lifestyle is very effective in reducing the life span of the victims, as it encourages violence, increases the rates of unwanted pregnancies, increases the number of cases of sexually transmittable diseases, alcohol related diseases and not leaving out depression. Such circumstances arise from people wanting to live the Facebook life or the Instagram life or the lives they see in the music videos and other forms of entertainment. In short people just want to live the life in the fast lane. Trying to live the life in the Instagram life is one of the fastest ways of retarding the development of the nation, for the drunk can never be as efficient and productive as the upright and normal.
And not limiting the aspect of drunkenness to alcoholic intoxication, Negative Mindset Intoxication is another form of drunkenness and madness. In such a state where the youths just have the wrong notion of money making, where they have the wrong notion that they can’t be significant to create a positive impact to national growth. That shitty mindset which prevents them from courageous and smart enough in believing and following their dreams to make the society better.


But what must have led the youths into this state of squalor? Nobody wants to be in a messed up state. Could the frustration of unemployment be a favorable factor? Could conformism be another factor favoring the youths going bananas? Could ignorance on the part of the youths about their abilities and potentials be another factor? Could it be the absence of adequate guidance and orientation for the youths? Or could it be the strong desire to live the Facebook and Instagram life? What could really be the reason for such a state?

It is well known that people in such a state cannot offer real value to society in terms of productivity, efficiency and innovation. The probability is way closer to zero than to 1. But this state does not kill potential, talents and abilities it merely hibernates and makes them dormant. Meaning despite the drunkenness and madness of the young generation, there is a specter of hope. For their potentials and abilities have the potential and ability to be reawakened and utilized for the greater good of society.


Doctors would tell you that to treat a physiological disorder or call it a disease, the root of the disease is to be identified, attacked and addressed appropriately. Same thing applies to this state of drunkenness, lousiness and madness of the youths. And to do away with these, we have to do away with the conditions which favor them. We have to deal with the frustration of employment by promoting self employment and entrepreneurship (even though self employment and entrepreneurship might sound as a cliché to many, it is still vital). We have to deal with conformism by encouraging and promoting the uniqueness and originality of youths (Team YEFON is doing a great job in this sector). We have to deal with self-ignorance about the potentials and abilities of the youths by creating the awareness, empowering and nurturing the youths through media such as forums, workshops and positive use of social media.
Investing in this drunken, lousy and mad generation of youths could yield a good return on investment to the development of the nation.


So to answer the question of “Can a drunken, lousy and mad generation drive the development of the nation up the chart?” I would stand tall and say YES, they are drunk and not dead. If you doubt, give me 1 Million U$D and I would make that thought both a sustainable and a practical reality.

CHOLESTEROL!!! What you really need to know.


People with cholesterol have greater chances of developing heart diseases.
High blood cholesterol does not cause symptoms hence many people live in unawareness of their cholesterol condition.
Cholesterol is use in making hormones, Vitamin D and substances which aid in food digestion.
There are two types of cholesterol; high density lipoprotein cholesterol (“good” cholesterol) and low density lipoprotein (“bad” cholesterol). High levels of Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol leads to a buildup of cholesterol in the wall of arteries which forms a plaque which eventually causes narrowing of the arteries and this is known as atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis of the coronary artery decreases blood flow to the heart and the amount of oxygen being carried leading to coronary artery diseases. Large plaques could cause a pain in the chest known as angina which is a sign of a coronary heart disease as the heart does not receive enough blood and oxygen. Some plaques might burst open and release the cholesterol into blood and this might cause the blood to clot which can obstruct the flow of blood leading to angina or heart attack or even stroke.


Lowering cholesterol is vital in preventing plaque formation and the conditions associated with it.
There are various factors influencing the levels of blood cholesterol. Some of these factors can be controlled and others cannot be controlled. Some of the factors that can be regulated would include:
1) Diet; as certain food have fats which could raise your cholesterol level. These fats would include saturated fats, Trans fats which are hydrogenated vegetable oils to harden it. Cholesterol is found in food from animal sources e.g. egg yolk, meat and cheese.
2) Being overweight or obese tends to increase your Low Density lipoprotein cholesterol levels and lowers your High Density Lipoprotein and hence your total cholesterol level.
3) Lack of regular exercise can lead to weight gain and rise in cholesterol levels. Regular exercise helps lose weight, lowers LDL cholesterol levels and increases HDL Cholesterol levels.
Those factors influencing cholesterol levels which cannot be controlled are factors which are hereditary, age and sex. Starting at puberty, men have lower levels of HDL than women. As women and men get older, their LDL cholesterol levels rise. Younger women have lower LDL cholesterol levels than men, but after age 55 they have higher levels than men.
Triglycerides, another form of fats in the body could lead to increased risk for heart diseases and the following factors increase the level of body triglycerides; overweight, smoking, physical inactivity, certain diseases and drugs, excessive alcohol consumption, very high carbohydrate diets and genetics.


Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes associated with Cholesterol
1) Limiting the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol consumed. Limit the consumption of fatty beef (red meat), pork, poultry with skin, butter, cheese, dairy products from milk and many baked and fried products. Palm oil, palm kernel oil and coconut oil contain saturated fats but not cholesterol.
2) Eating enough to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. This would comprise of regular and increased intake of fruits, vegetables and calcium rich foods.
3) Increased intake of soluble fibers e.g. apples, oatmeal, kidney beans, pears, almonds, peanuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, bananas, oranges, grapes, grape fruits, pineapples, carrots, potatoes, spinach, sweet potatoes. A diet rich in soluble fibers bind cholesterol and bile acid for excretion rather than absorption resulting in lower body cholesterol.
4) Lack of physical activity is a major risk factor for heart disease. It affects your risk of heart disease both on its own and by its effects on other major risk factors. Regular physical activity can help you manage your weight and, in that way, help lower your LDL. It also can help raise HDL and lower triglycerides, improve the fitness of your heart and lungs, and lower blood pressure.


Cholesterol regulatory drug treatment must be associated with both lifestyle and diet changes.
There are five types of cholesterol lowering medicines: statins, bile acid sequestrants, nicotinic acid, fibrates and ezetimibe.
Satin is the drug of first choice for treating high levels of cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia).
Conditions characterized by high levels of Low Density Lipid-Cholesterol or high levels of triglyceride concentration or both are treated with a combination of statins and fibrate. Nicotinic acid may be used to further reduce the concentration. This combination therapy should be under the supervision of a specialist due to increased risk of side effects especially muscle effects.
1) Statins: very effective in lowering LDL-cholesterol and it is safe for most people. Rare side effects would be liver and muscle problems. They include; Atorvastatin, Fluvastatin, Pravastatin Sodium, Rosuvastatin, Simvastatin.
2) Bile Acid Sequestrants: sometimes prescribed with statins and are not usually prescribed as the only medication. They include; Colesevelam, colestipol and colestyramine
3) Nicotinic Acids: Lowers LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and raises HDL (“good”) cholesterol Should only be used under a doctor’s supervision e.g. Niaspan
4) Fibrates: Lower triglycerides May increase HDL (good) cholesterol levels. When used with a statin, may increase the chance of muscle problems. They include Bezafibrate, Ciprofibrate, Fenofibrate, Gemfibrozil
5) Ezetimibe: Lowers LDL cholesterol May be used with statins or alone. Acts within the intestine to block cholesterol absorption. E.g. Ezetrol.

I hope you found this information useful. And as usual if you have any medical concerns don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Susan Enjema. You could contact her here: Contact Dr Susan Enjema

Why you need to be present for the War Room Conference.


War Room is a Christian Movie as well as a cocktail of motivation, Inspiration and comedy based on the scripture text Mathew 6:6 ”

But when you pray, go to your room, close the door, and pray to your Father who is unseen. And your father who sees what you do in private, will reward you.”

It is out to emphasize the importance of prayers as not being a spare tire we run to only when we are in need. It seeks to encourage us to pray unceasingly especially in this moment of global desperation.

The movie depicts a typical family of our community where the husband and wife are always fighting. The custodian of this family in the person of the wife is blessed with a client who later on turns out to be her spiritual mentor

and introduces the concept of War Room.
War Room in the movie is a room in which all the battles in life are fought with the most powerful weapon #PRAYER. For when faced with life’s challenges and fights, we need to engage fully and fight a good fight and this is best done in our War Rooms

We always talk of never having time to pray because we are busy. Busy fighting one another, arguing, gossiping and busy doing absolutely nothing.  This movie teaches us the importance of putting aside some part of the 24 hours we have a day and kill our challenges in prayers.
War Room is a dramatization of the scriptural text Ephesians 6:10 which says

“Finally, build up your strength in Union with the Lord and by means of his mighty power. Put on all the armor that God gives you,so that you will be able to stand up against the Devil’s evil tricks. For We are not fighting against human beings but against the wicked spiritual forces and powers and principalities of this dark age. So put on God’s armor now! “

And how do we obtain this armor of spiritual protection? This is only possible when we pray to God our Father. That is why St Paul in his letter to the Ephesians urges the Christians to acquire strength and protection through prayer and we should pray on every occasion as the spirit leads ( Ephesians 6:8)

The enemy always attacks with all weapons in his/her arsenal implying we have to counter attack with equal or greater opposite force. Hence we also need to be on the alert and be under the protection of God. God is always faithful, and on the basis of proportionality the closer we are to God the greater our chances of defeating the enemy.


One of the most inspiring scenes in the movie is when this lady who is very good fighting with the husband meets with her client (who later becomes her mentor) and I picked up two lessons from there I would share with you.

1.)  Do you occasionally go to church because your pastor/priest preaches occasionally?

2.) Most people claim to believe in God and that he is very important in their lives. Despite this believe, they either have a cold or lukewarm spiritual life due to the hustle. Your relationship with God could be compared to the love for your food or tea. Do you love your tea hot or at room temperature (cold)?

The time for comfortable and convenient prayer is over. It is time for devoted prayers, it is time to pray unceasingly. It is time to step up to the kingdom battlefield and fight through prayers at a national level in order to overcome all the challenges of our nation.
Stepping up to the kingdom battlefield is maximizing the power of unity. Ephesians 4:4-5 tells us;

There’s one body, and one spirit, just as there’s one hope to which God has called you. There’s one Lord, one faith, one baptism, there’s one God and Father of all who is the Lord of all, works through all, and is in all. #unityisstrength

How wonderful would it be for God’s people to fight in unity. Genesis 11:6 suggests that those who speak one language can do anything they want. So it is my belief that those who speak the one true language of prayer can in unity change their communities and the world.

The War Room Conference would would be holding in Bamenda on the 30th of April 2016 at Mondial Hotel from 6:30am to 12:30pm ( time is strictly respected).

No matter your religious denomination be it Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Righteous, Full Gospel, Islam even if you believe only in your village gods or you believe in nothing; come for this empowerment session. You would never leave the same. If you leave with no change in perspective, I promise I would rewards you with something special.

Turn up and Switch onWithEmile

The global entertainment industry is booming and vibrant and there’s set to be a major breakthrough in the industry in the form of a TV show. And the point of impact is Cameroon,from there the Shockwaves shall travel across boundaries. Let me introduce to you Switch On With Emile.

Switch On With Emile is a brand new and groundbreaking swish entertainment show set to be broadcasted from Cameroon. It is set to be the embodiment and definition of a 21st century talk show on your screen, for it is a mixture of grandeur and style. It is here to serve you with contemporary topics in the entertainment industry and beyond into culture, education and business. While Momo Bertrand, Christine Djafa of NKAP LOM, Nzonda Fotsing Kenneth of Zongo Soft IT firebug and I are leading beyond, Emile Switch and his dynamic team are presenting beyond.

Switch on with Emile has state of the art tech to provide you with super high definition images. That’s just to say the show is not only the real deal, but the main deal.
So while the TV show is loading, I call on you to turn up and Switch on with Emile.
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Hacking the Cameroon medical transport system

Some 4 years back in school, a friend of mine broke his leg during a football game and had to be rushed to hospital and I accompanied him. We took a bike from the field to Tobin roundabout and then a Taxi to St Elizabeth’s General Hospital Shishong. The pains he felt while in transit to the hospital were more than excruciating, for they were worse than the pain you feel when a blade cuts through your flesh and pepper is rubbed on the fresh cut (you could try and confirm it…). The situation could not be addressed at Shishong and we were referred to St Martin’s Hospital Njinikom. The broken leg and the horrible Kumbo roads were the worst combinations ever, for the journey was a torturing ride through hell. That’s a memory neither him nor I would forget. I know we all have a story to tell in relation to our person being sick and in need of transportation and there was none.
The sad and horrific memories of Monique Koumate who is claimed to have died in transit from Tergal Health Centre to Laquatine Hospital has caused a lot of ranting on various media platforms and has sent powerful shock waves around the world. In response to this shock wave, the African Women in Transportation Association (AWTA), Réseau d’Action des Jeunes Volontaires diplômés de l’Enseignement Technique et de la Formation Professionnelle du Cameroun (RAJEV-C) and the Cameroon American Council decided to dedicate the 3rd of a 5 stage Travel Tech Series to Monique Koumate by organizing a Hackathon (call it an Innovative Challenge Workshop). The ICT University Yaoundé would host this event on the 30th of March   2016 under the theme “Hack the future of Cameroon Medical Transportation Sector; Remembering Sister Monique Koumate”.
This initiative is to bring together think tanks from the Transport, Health, Employment and Vocational training, Higher Education and communication sectors to brainstorm beyond limits and provide solutions to the arch problems of the Cameroon Transport sector notably;

  1.    Medical transportation for the disabled.
  2. Computerized ticketing for air and rail travels.
Participants at Howard University for the “Hack the Cameroon medical transport system” Hackathon

Howard University, Washington DC  hosted a similar event on February 27,2016 under the umbrella of the Cameroon American Councils part of the events celebrating the Black History month. And if you are to ask why the Focus is on transport, I would say “the transportation sector is very vital for the sustainable economic development of every country especially the developing countries like Cameroon”.
Did I mention that there was going to be handsome cash rewards for the winning ideas and that participation is free? (It is a free opportunity to give your opinion and get some money in return. Would you want to miss that?)
When Monique and her twins passed, there was so much ranting and cries on what could and should be done. But as days go by, the rape in Buea and the UB girl incident has distracted many from what really matters. Here is the chance for you to join other great minds in re-branding and revitalizing the medical transportation sector in Cameroon.
So rather than talking about it, let us meet for this forum and be about it. So make a date with the African Women in Transportation Association (AWTA), Réseau d’Action des Jeunes Volontaires diplômés de l’Enseignement Technique et de la Formation Professionnelle du Cameroun (RAJEV-C) and the Cameroon American Council on Wednesday March 30, 2016 at ICT University Yaounde.
For inquiries, use any of the following links.
And talking of Technology, Have you heard of ZongoSoft, that Digital TechCom? They have your answers

11 key benefits why you should consume more mushrooms this season.

The transition between the dry and the rainy seasons is characterized by the up-spring of mushrooms which are a delicacy in most communities. Despite being a popular delicacy in most communities, the health and nutritional benefits are not that popular. Let’s take this time out to meducate ourselves of the health and nutritional benefits of mushrooms.
There are various types of mushrooms and unfortunately some are poisonous. So to be on the safe side, I would suggest you go to the market. If you are in Bamenda, Total Nkwen would be a favorite destination.
1.              Ergothioneinine is a naturally occurring antioxidant that protects the body’s cells against oxidative stress which may slow down the aging process. Mushrooms are the richest source of erogthioneinine. So in the bid to physically cheat nature of your appearance, increased consumption of mushrooms would be way to stay “forever young”. Looking at Pharrell Williams, I am sure he has high levels of erogthioneinine.
2.              Mushrooms are good sources of some B vitamins like Riboflavin or Vitamin B2, Pantothenic acid or Vitamin B5, and Niacin or Vitamin B3. These B vitamins play an essential role in the nervous system and provide energy by breaking down carbohydrate, fat, and protein.
3.              Mushrooms are also a good source of some important minerals like selenium, potassium, and copper.
·  Selenium, an antioxidant, can keep the body’s cells healthy and prevent heart disease and cancer. Selenium also promotes a strong immune system and fertility in men. Mushrooms are the richest vegetable source of selenium. This is especially good news for vegetarians since selenium is often found in animal foods.
·   Copper keeps our bones and nerves healthy. Moreover, copper helps make red blood cells which carry oxygen throughout the body.
·   Potassium helps control blood pressure since it helps maintain normal fluid and mineral balance. It also helps the nerves, the heart, and other muscles function normally.
4.              Mushrooms are one of the very few foods which contain Vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for strong and healthy bones since it helps us absorb the calcium from our diet. Deficiencies in vitamin D can lead to soft, thin, and brittle bones; a condition called osteomalacia in adults and rickets in children.

5.              Mushrooms are lower in calories and fat and are a great substitute for red meat. In addition, they are very filling due to their meaty and fulfilling nature. Consumption of mushrooms instead of red meat would lead to weight loss, lower waist circumference and lower blood pressure.

6.              They have special bioactive compounds called Beta-Glucans that have been known to exhibit anti-tumor (anti-cancer) activity. Making it a suitable drug candidate against various forms of cancer
7.              Due to low starch content and low cholesterol, they suit diabetic patients and patients with heart conditions.
8.              Mushrooms as functional foods are used as nutrient supplements to enhance immunity in the form of tablets. Probably due to the high Selenium content.
9.              Anti-microbial effects of a large number of mushroom varieties and mushroom components on both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria have been confirmed via in vitro studies. A small number of studies in animals have been undertaken and the data suggest that the anti-microbial effects in vivo may be mediated by effects of the immune system.
10.         Mushrooms are very helpful to people suffering of constipation. This is probably due to their high fiber content.
11.         Mushrooms have hypoglycemic effect making it a suitable meal for diabetic individuals. Their hypoglycemic effects lower blood sugar levels.
So I guess with these 11 foolproof benefits of consuming more mushrooms starting today, would go a long way to enable us live healthier lives. For a healthy life is a happy life.
And remeber, if you have any health concerns do not hesitate to reach out to Dtor SEA
Dr. Susan Enjema Aweh a.k.a Dtor SEA